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Dragon Ball character
Cosplay of Frieza
First appearance"Dragon Ball" (manga): "Planet Namek, Cold and Dark"
  • King Cold (father)
  • Cooler (brother)

Frieza (フリーザ, Furīza) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga and the second major villain in the Dragon Ball Z anime.

Frieza is one of the strongest aliens in Dragon Ball Z. He enjoys invading other planets. Frieza is a very mean person who thinks he is very strong. He has destroyed planets, without mercy. He will even kill his own servants if he wishes to. Frieza is always trying to get more power. Because of this, he ends up fighting the heroes of Dragon Ball Z so he can get the Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls are magical balls that can grant wishes to whoever collects all 7.

Frieza is what the creator, Akira Toriyama, thought monsters looked like in his childhood.[1]

Name pun and debate[change | change source]

Frieza's name is a pun on all things relating to the cold, with family members introduced later following his example. As his name ends in a short "a" vowel (rather than the long "ā" which usually signifies "er" in kana spellings on English words), the character's name is typically spelled with an "a" at the end (as opposed to "Freezer"). However, during FUNimation's dubbing of Dragon Ball Z, the English writers went with the spelling of "Frieza". This has led to some conjecture over it: U.S. released video games and the English dub use "Frieza", while the Japanese language subtitles on FUNimation's DVDs and the Viz translation of the manga uses "Freeza."

Planet Namek takeover[change | change source]

Frieza spies on Vegeta during his mission on Earth and learns that there are Dragon Balls on Planet Namek. He wants to get them and wish for Immortality, so Frieza and his soldiers try and steal the Dragon Balls from the Namekians. After Cui, Dodoria and Zarbon; three of Frieza's soldiers, are beaten by Vegeta, he sends the Ginyu Force, his strongest men, to get the Dragon Balls and destroy the Saiyan enemy. They almost win, but Goku comes to Namek and quickly defeats them.

While trying to learn how to summon Porunga, the namekian dragon, Frieza is confronted by Nail, the strongest of the Namek warriors. Frieza defeats Nail effortlessly, leaving him to die after discovering that dende has run to the Z-fighters to tell Krillin and Gohan how to use the dragon balls. Enraged, the great tyrant follows in pursuit of the heroes only to be faced with a much more powerful Vegeta who is now capable of matching Frieza's current strength.

Spurred on by Vegeta, Frieza unveils his second form, allowing him to defeat Vegeta and critically injure Krillin, taunting Gohan with his friend's limp body. Before he can finish them off, Piccolo joins the battle - roughly even in abilities to Frieza, thanks to a splendid fusion with the dying Nail. The heroes are able to regroup, Dende healing them one after another. Frieza himself is seriously wounded for the first time: Krillin is able to chop off a portion of his tail using a Destructo Disk.

Having difficulty contending with Piccolo, Frieza again transformed, unlocking more of his power and enabling him to lay waste to his opponent. Finally he unveiled his true form, stressing that he intended to give his foes the pleasure of observing it before they died. As his first act, Frieza murders Dende, who had been healing the heroes, before brutally beating Vegeta. Just as Frieza was about to slay Vegeta, the healed Goku arrives on the battlefield, ready to fight Frieza. Vegeta, believing (incorrectly) that Goku had finally become a full-fledge Super Saiyan, taunts Frieza, even though, he, Vegeta, is too badly beaten to even stand. Frieza, proud of his past accomplishments, smirks before sending a Death Beam through the Saiyan Prince's heart. Teetering on the brink of death, Vegeta is able to tell the newly healed Goku of Frieza's genocide of the Saiyan race, imploring him to take revenge on behalf for all Saiyans. As Vegeta finishes his plea to Goku, he dies. Goku, saddened by Vegeta's death, buries him and vows to finish Frieza. Goku and Frieza then spar, with Frieza realizing that his opponent is the son of the Saiyan that gave him such trouble years before. Goku and Frieza are an even match for a while, until Frieza reveals that he had only been fighting at a mere fraction of his full power. Frieza then increases to 50%, and easily gains the upper hand against Goku, with Goku struggling to keep up.

Goku is eventually able to heavily wound Frieza using a Spirit Bomb, calling on the energies of the entire planet Namek.

Believing the warlord dead, the heroes take the time to relax, not noticing that Frieza had emerged from the blast's crater. Frieza retaliates by mortally wounding Piccolo and murdering Krillin. Already bordering on the edge of his rage, Frieza killing Krillin, pushes Goku over it, his rage exploding, causing Frieza to inadvertently create what he had always feared: A Super Saiyan.

In the ensuing battle, Frieza and Goku trade blows, but as the fight progresses, Frieza's power gradually diminishes with the repeated punishment. In frustration, Frieza sends a Death Ball into the core of the planet, starting a chain reaction that would destroy Namek in "five minutes".[2] Frieza unleashes 100% of his power. Frieza is now able to launch a huge assault against the surprised Goku, who had not expected Frieza's power to be as high as it is. Goku and Frieza face off and eventually after a very long battle, Goku gets the battle under his control, and calls off the fight, claiming it would be pointless to continue; Frieza losing strength rapidly and Goku already having humbled the tyrant. Humiliated, Frieza refuses to relent, attacking Goku with two Tsuibi Kienzan. As Goku dodges the attacks, Frieza ironically becomes distracted long enough to be vivisected by his own attack.

Barely clinging to life but desperate to survive, Frieza begs and begs for mercy, which Goku hesitantly provides. Frieza's arrogance refuses to allow him to be beaten and saved by a Saiyan "monkey", and he expends what little energy he has left to attack Goku. Overcome with anger, Goku fires a Ki blast that consumes both Frieza and his attack, seemingly ending Frieza's reign over the universe.

Death of a great tyrant[change | change source]

Unbeknownst to Goku, Frieza survived the destruction of Namek. Able to do nothing more than breathe, Frieza floated in the planet's debris, kept company only by his thoughts of how the universe's conqueror had been thoroughly beaten by a Saiyan. His father, King Cold, had crews search the area, not believing his son to have been killed by something as insignificant as the explosion of a planet. What could be found of Frieza was salvaged, his missing limbs and face reconstructed with cybernetic enhancements. Scarred and bitter - though feeling stronger than he had before. Frieza's first thought upon rehabilitation is revenge on those who sullied him.

Frieza beats Goku to Earth. Despite his ill intentions towards Earth and all who lived there, Frieza notes "It's a good planet" on first viewing.[3] Frieza orders his henchmen to find and slaughter its inhabitants, with Frieza keen on killing his enemy's friends himself. However, his army is torn apart by the blade-wielding fighter Future Trunks. Frieza dismisses his challenger as an insolent child, and pays him almost no heed until the boy reveals himself as another Super Saiyan.

Dumbstruck, Frieza makes several different efforts to kill Trunks, each of which is parried easily.[4] He then plays his trump card in the form of a Death Ball ten times the size of the one that destroyed Planet Namek. Even this is nonchalantly brushed away, until a mortified Frieza causes it to detonate with another shot of ki. Thinking him to be destroyed by the assault, both the father and son are stunned when Trunks fires the Burning Attack out of nowhere. Fuming, Frieza becomes oblivious to his opponent's position, and is surprised and sliced in half by the Saiyan youth before being cut to pieces and blown to dust.

After his death[change | change source]

After his death, Frieza makes numerous cameo appearances throughout the remainder of the series from Hell, including observing Goku's fight with Buu alongside other defeated villains from the series.

In Dragon Ball GT, he teams up with Cell to act as a distraction for Goku while a horde of villains from the Z-Fighters' past escape Hell. Frieza traps Goku in the next world, but even allied with Cell, he is eventually defeated and remains in Hell.[5]

Forms and transformations[change | change source]

Over time, Frieza's power became so great that his body could not comfortably contain it, and a series of physical transformations were developed that limit his actual strength[6] While changing shape from his "first-form", each alteration builds on the previous. In all, Frieza demonstrated four transformed states, each with increasing power (some larger than others and each resulting in different physical attributes).

First form

In his first form, Frieza is a relatively short humanoid, albeit with a large chestnut-shaped skull with two horns. He also has a tail with a spiked end, as well as having three talon-like toes. He wears the same upper-body armor that many of his subordinates (including the Saiyans) are shown to wear, and while traveling, often gives the appearance of weakness by exclusively using his hoverchair for transportation, leaving his henchmen to do his "dirty work".

Second form

His second form is similar in appearance to the first, except much larger, both in height and muscle mass, Frieza claiming to have nearly doubled his power in this state.[7] He also grows longer horns, which now instead of protruding sideways from his skull curve sharply upwards into near right angles. His armor cannot contain his form and shatters, leaving him with a new, white natural armor covering his chest and shoulders. In this form, he somewhat resembles his father King Cold.

Third form

Frieza's third form is again more brutish, with an extremely elongated skull. His facial features contort and change, with his nose melding into his mouth to form a crude beak. His original horns recede, and more now erupt in pairs along the length of his head. He walks and stands with a slight hunch, as if the strain of supporting his head was too much for even Frieza's own body to bear. This form vaguely resembles a Xenomorph from the Alien movies.

Final Form

Drastically differing from his previous transformations, in his final form Frieza instead regresses, becoming shorter and less bulky, his horns and spikes disappear and his physique becomes streamlined. His skin becomes pure, solid white with purple sections on his head, shoulders, forearms, chest and shins.

100% power

Frieza is also able to attain 100% power, greatly increasing his muscle mass. At 100% this is literally the peak of Frieza's strength and the maximum amount of power his body can output; his muscle mass becomes engorged compared to his previously sleek frame. However, due to the strain on his body he can not fight at full capacity for long, slowly weakening whether he is dealing or receiving damage.

Mecha Frieza

Physically ruined while caught in the Planet Namek's explosion after his defeat, what remained of the still-living Frieza was salvaged and rebuilt with cybernetic enhancements by scientists under the order of King Cold. The whole of the lower half of his body and right side of his face are replaced, with scarring and metal accouterments covering what little was left of his organic self. These enhancements allowed him to exceed the limits of power imposed by his fully organic form, though how much more powerful it made him is unknown.

Techniques and special abilities[change | change source]

Like almost all Dragon Ball Z characters, Frieza is able to fly through use of pushing ki off the ground.
Death Ball
An attack used by Frieza. A spark of ki lights on the index finger, and once enough energy is gathered this spark may grow to the size of a small moon. When ready, this "Death Ball" is thrown towards the target. Typically this attack is used to destroy planets or as a last-ditch effort to kill an opponent. Frieza can use a more powerful larger version called the Supernova.

Daichiretsuzan ("Great Earth Cutting Row")

A powerful, very long and invisible blade-like energy beam Frieza creates with two of his fingers; it can slice through anything, as stated by Frieza. While it is not named in the English dub of the anime, the name given in the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai game series is Death Wave.
Death Beam
Frieza's favored killing technique. He extends his right arm and fires a small, bullet-like beam of ki from his index finger, which barrels down and pierces an opponent. Able to be fired exceedingly quickly while maintaining precise aim. Frieza murders both Dende and Vegeta in this fashion, also heavily wounding Piccolo. Called Death Beam in the U.S. releases of recent Dragon Ball Z video games.

Hokaku Kon Dan ("Imprisonment Ball")

A special attack used on Goku, where he captures his opponent in a ball of energy they can not break out of. Frieza can manipulate this ball as much as he wants, but it explodes as soon as it touches any surface other than Frieza himself.
Laser Eyes
Precise laser-like beam shot from the eyes. Mild potency, but fast and able to nullify lesser attacks and small projectiles, as well as destroy weaker opponents and obstacles. Used by Frieza to enter the hut of the Namekian elder Guru while seeking the Dragon Balls and in battle with Goku.
Frieza can lift or move large objects through the air with his mind. Used by Frieza in his fight with Goku.

Tsuibi Kienzan("Following Energy Circle Slicer")

Similar to the normal Kienzan (most commonly used by Krillin), Frieza's are faster, a different color (purple), and can be controlled remotely. Frieza creates two of these to hound Goku until he's sliced in half by his own attack. Called the Energy Disc or "Destructo Disc" in the English version. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 names this attack the "Death Saucer."

Transformation (Henshin)

This is Frieza's ability to morph himself from a weaker state to a more powerful one. These transformations were originally a containment of his true power, with his actual form being what's commonly referred to as "final". In all Frieza demonstrated three transformations and four altered states, overlooking his bulk at 100% power and cyborg augmentation.

Yubisaki kara no Shogekiha ("Shockwave blast from the finger")

A fairly weak, but incredibly fast burst which explodes at a location Frieza points to. He uses this ability many times in rapid succession to quickly defeat Piccolo after transforming into this third form. It is called Crazy Finger Beam in the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai games.

Gogetsu Kiai

A powerful push attack used by Frieza at 70% power. Frieza will put both his arms out and the put his palms out in front of him, blasting his opponent away.

Voice actors[change | change source]

Toei Animation

  • Ryusei Nakao

Ocean Group

  • Pauline Newstone


  • Linda Chambers-Young
  • Chris Ayres


  • Not Jeice


  • Carlos Campanile


  • Canadians


  • Philippe Ariotti


  • Joaquim Monchique


  • Bill Cosby

Movies and specials[change | change source]

Frieza appears in the following Dragon Ball Z movies and television specials:

Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku - DBZ TV Special #1; released October 17, 1990

During the TV Special, Frieza mulls over the Saiyans' increasing power until Zarbon advises his master to eliminate Bardock and his team. In the end, Frieza is challenged by Bardock himself, who survived the onslaught and wants revenge for the death of his crew. Bardock fires a ki attack at Frieza, who makes a huge energy ball and cancels out Bardock's attack. Frieza then sends the ball straight into the core of the Planet Vegeta, wiping out almost the entire Saiyan race and many of his own henchmen.

Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge - DBZ Movie #5; released July 21, 1991

Frieza only appears in a flashback during the prologue of the movie, destroying Planet Vegeta. Cooler watches him from his spaceship and scolds his brother for not seeing the escaping spacepod containing baby Kakarrot/Goku.

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn - DBZ Movie #12; released March 4, 1995

When Janemba appears, the dead are revived and they all escape to Earth, under Frieza's command. Frieza confronts Gohan and Videl, and immediately recognizes Gohan as Goku's son. Deciding the boy should pay for his father's "sins", Frieza sends his army of villains (Zarbon, Jeice, Burter, Bojack, Cooler, Paragus, Recoome, Salza, etc.) to attack the couple, but Gohan flies through them all and silences him by punching Frieza in the stomach and blowing him away with an energy shot to the gut. His terrified minions quickly disperse.

In addition, Frieza's destruction of Planet Vegeta is shown from another point of view in Burn Up!! A Close, Intense, Super-Fierce Battle (DBZ Movie #8) and the mercenaries from Super Deciding Battle for the Entire Planet Earth (DBZ Movie #3) believe they would be strong enough to challenge Frieza after eating the fruit of the Tree of Might.

He also appears in footage from the Famicom game (and later Playdia remake) Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans. In it Frieza seems to be somehow resurrected, with he and past villains Cooler, Tullece, and Lord Slug attacking Goku and his friends. Once it's revealed these are merely ghost-warriors meant to distract the heroes, however, the false Frieza and his allies are easily dealt with.

Video games[change | change source]

All games are listed in chronological order of release.

  • Dragon Ball Z II: Gekigami Frieza (NES) in First and Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Barcode Battler (NES) Playable in First and Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku (NES) in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Supa Saiyajin Densetsu (SNES) in First and Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden (SNES) Playable in Mecha Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden (Sega Mega Drive) Playable in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Goku Densetsu (TurboGrafx) in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden (Game Boy) Playable in First and Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 (PlayStation) Playable in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension (SNES) Playable in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Indainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu (Sega Saturn, PlayStation) Playable in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku Part 2 (Playdia) in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout (PlayStation) Playable in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku (Game Boy Advance) in all forms except Mecha Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors (Game Boy Color) in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (PlayStation 2 GameCube) Playable in First, Final, 100% and Mecha Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II (Game Boy Advance) in Final Form and Mecha Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (PlayStation 2 GameCube) Playable in Final, Mecha and Majin Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu (Game Boy Advance) Playable in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic Warriors (Game Boy Advance) Playable in Final Form and Mecha Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 (PlayStation 2) Playable in all forms
  • Dragon Ball Z: Sagas (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube) in First, Second, and Final Form
  • Jump Super Stars (Nintendo DS) Playable in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (PlayStation 2) Playable in all forms
  • Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic Warriors 2 (Nintendo DS) Playable in Final and Mecha Form
  • Super Dragon Ball Z (PlayStation 2) Playable in Final Form and Mecha Form redesigned by Akira Toriyama
  • Battle Stadium D.O.N Playable in Final Form
  • Nappa Stadium (Nintendo 64) PLayable in Third Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (PlayStation 2, Wii) Playable in all forms
  • Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai (PSP) Playable in Final Form and 100% Final Form
  • Jump Ultimate Stars (Nintendo DS) Playable in Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road (PSP) Playable in Final and 100% Final Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu (Nintendo DS) in First Form
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Playstation 2,Wii) Playable in all forms
  • Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (Playstation 3, Xbox 360) Playable in all forms
  • Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World (Playstation 2) Playable in all forms
  • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast (Playstation 3, Xbox 360) Playable in all forms
  • Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team (PSP) Playable in all forms but Mecha Form.
  • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (Playstation 3, Xbox 360) Playable in all forms

Notes and references[change | change source]

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  2. The manga and especially the anime receive much flak for the amount of time it takes Namek to actually explode. The two fighters stand, stare, and exchange verbal barbs, other characters merely roam around aimlessly, non-superhuman characters do things on Earth or collect the Dragon Balls, King Kai offers running commentary and the amount of time to actually summon Shenron and Porunga is great. The fight continues even after that in earnest, with Frieza's death pleas taking time unto themselves. In all ten episodes pass between the initial shot and Namek's ultimate destruction (DBZ episodes #97-106).
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  5. Anything after Frieza's death on Earth is not supported by manga canon, happening only in the storyline of Toei's anime filler and movies.
  6. While other beings in Dragon Ball Z transform to increase their power, Frieza transforms to control and contain it. His true form is his fourth form (Dragon Ball #303), with each of his other transformations meant to restrict his power and conceal it from his enemies. Frieza even says upon transforming to his second state that he has a harder time controlling himself and his power due to the immensity of his current strength. (Dragon Ball #296).
  7. Frieza boasts that his fighting strength is "over a million" (Dragon Ball #296).

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