Giuseppina Bozzacchi

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Giuseppina Bozzacchi
Coppelia -Swanilda -Giuseppina Bozzachi -Act I-Scene 2 -Paris -1870.JPG
Bozzacchi as Swanhilda in Coppélia, 1870
Born November 23, 1853
Milan, Italy
Died November 23, 1870
Paris, France
Cause of death Illness
Nationality Italian
Occupation Ballerina

Giuseppina Bozzacchi (November 23, 1853 – November 23, 1870) was a ballerina. She was born in Milan, Italy and died in Paris, France. She was the first to dance the part of Swanhilda in Coppélia in May 1870. She was a great success. She died a few months later on her birthday in November 1870.