Glarus (city)

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Coat of arms of Glarus
Coat of arms
Country Switzerland
Canton Glarus
District n.a.
 • Total 69.23 km2 (26.73 sq mi)
Elevation 472 m (1,549 ft)
Population (Dec 2016[1])
 • Total 5,877
 • Density 85/km2 (220/sq mi)
Postal code 8750
SFOS number 1609
Surrounded by Ennenda, Innerthal (SZ), Luchsingen, Mitlödi, Muotathal (SZ), Näfels, Netstal, Riedern, Schwanden, Schwändi
Twin towns New Glarus (Wisconsin), Kobryn (Belarus)
SFSO statistics

Glarus (German: About this sound Glarus ) is the capital of the Canton of Glarus in Switzerland.

Glarus lies on the Linth River at the foot of the Glärnisch foothills. The municipality has about 57,00 people.

Old coat of arms

History[change | change source]

The first mention of the town is from 1178.

It became the capital of the Linth valley in 1419. In the 1700s and 1800s, the valley began to be industrialized.

In 1864, the first European labor law to protect workers was introduced in Glarus, prohibiting requiring workers to work more than 12 hours a day.

Since 1 January 2011, the municipality Glarus incorporates the former municipalities of Ennenda, Netstal and Riedern.[2]

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References[change | change source]

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