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Coordinates: 46°57′N 8°21′E

Coat of Arms of Stans
Country Switzerland
Canton Nidwalden
District n.a.
Coordinates 46°57′N 8°21′E
Population 7353   (as of December 2003)
Area 11.08 km2 (4.28 sq mi)
Elevation 452 m (1,483 ft)
Postal code 6370
SFOS number 1509
Surrounded by
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Buochs, Dallenwil, Ennetbürgen, Ennetmoos, Oberdorf, Stansstad
A hotel in Stans

Stans is the capital city of the canton of Nidwalden in Switzerland. It has a population of 7,300 people. The area of Stans is 11 km².

History[change | change source]

Stans was first noted in 1172. In 1798, it was attacked by French troops, followed the decision of Nidwalden not to adapt a new constitution. Children whose parents were killed by this event were gathered by the teacher Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi for his first school. The open-air assembly (Landsgemeinde) was held in Stans each year until 1997.

Sights[change | change source]

The main sights of Stans are:

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