Green Party (United States)

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Green Party
Spanish name Partido Verde
Founded 2001; 17 years ago (2001)
Preceded by Association of State Green Parties
Headquarters 6411 Orchard Avenue, Suite 101, Takoma Park, Maryland
Newspaper Green Pages
Youth wing Young Greens
Women's wing National Women's Caucus
Black wing Black Caucus
Latino wing Latinx Caucus
Membership  (2014) Increase 248,189 [1]
Ideology Green politics
International affiliation Global Greens

The Green Party is considered a political party in the United States. The Green Party nominated Dr. Jill Stein as its 2012 candidate for President of the United States. The party focuses on issues such as social justice and environmentalism. It is the fourth largest party, following the Libertarian Party.

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