Heathrow Connect

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Heathrow Connect Class 360 train at Ealing Broadway

Heathrow Connect was a train service in London that ran between Paddington station and Heathrow Airport. It was provided by the Heathrow Express company together with First Great Western. The first train ran on 12 June 2005.

The Heathrow Connect service ran every half-hour throughout the day and evening from Monday to Saturday and every hour on Sunday. It followed the same route as the Heathrow Express service, but while Heathrow Express ran non-stop between Paddington and the airport, Heathrow Connect stopped at some stations in between. Altogether, there were eight stations at which Heathrow Connect trains stopped, so the train could connect places in west London with each other, the airport, and Central London. The trains used on the line were five Class 360s made by Siemens.

On 20 May 2018 TfL Rail took over operation of the Heathrow Connect service.