Idris of Libya

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King Idris I of Libya.png
King Idris in 1960
King of Libya
Reign24 December 1951 – 1 September 1969
Prime ministers
Born13 March 1890
Al-Jaghbub, Tripolitania Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Died25 May 1983(1983-05-25) (aged 93)
Cairo, Egypt
Full name
Muhammad Idris bin Muhammad al-Mahdi as-Senussi
FatherMuhammad al-Mahdi as-Senussi
MotherAisha bint Muqarrib al-Barasa
ReligionSunni Islam

Idris (Arabic: إدريس الأول; El Sayyid Prince Muhammad Idris bin Muhammad al-Mahdi as-Senussi; 13 March 1890 – 25 May 1983)[1] was a Libyan political and religious leader. He was the Emir of Cyrenaica. Idris was the King of the United Kingdom of Libya (renamed as the Kingdom of Libya in 1963) from 1951 to 1969.[2] He was the chief of the Senussi Muslim order.

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