Lake Balqash

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Lake Balkhash
Балқаш Көлі
Озеро Балхаш
View from Space, April 1991
Map of the Lake Balkhash drainage basin
Coordinates46°10′N 74°20′E / 46.167°N 74.333°E / 46.167; 74.333Coordinates: 46°10′N 74°20′E / 46.167°N 74.333°E / 46.167; 74.333
TypeEndorheic, Saline
Primary inflowsIli, Karatal, Aksu, Lepsy, Byan, Kapal, Koksu rivers
Primary outflowsevaporation
Basin countriesKazakhstan 85%
China 15%
Max. length605 km (376 mi)
Max. widthEast 19 km (12 mi)
West 74 km (46 mi)
Surface area16,400 km2 (6,300 sq mi)
Average depth5.8 m (19 ft)
Max. depth26 m (85 ft)
Water volume106 cu mi (440 km3)
Surface elevation341.4 m (1,120 ft)
FrozenNovember to March

Lake Balkhash (Kazakh: Balqash kóli) is located in Kazakhstan. It is one of the largest lakes in Asia and 15th largest in the world.

It belongs to a Central Asian endorheic basin shared by Kazakhstan, China, and Kyrgyzstan. Water moves from the basin to Balqash via seven rivers. The most important one is the Ili River. Water in the Ili River comes from melted snow from the mountains of China's Xinjiang.