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Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River. It is mainly in southeastern Utah, with a small part in northeastern Arizona in the United States. About 186 miles (299 km) long, it is made by the Glen Canyon Dam, built in Glen Canyon in the 1960s. The lake is a popular area for boating and fishing, with over 2 million visitors each year; but it has flooded many important natural and archaeological sites. Other than the Colorado River, the Escalante River and San Juan River also flow into the reservoir.

In March 2023 it was only 23% full.[1]

Marinas[change | change source]

Lake Powell has five active marinas. The main role of the marinas at Lake Powell is to allow an entry point for boaters to launch and retrieve their watercraft. Each marina has rare services, such as boat refueling, short term docking, food services and boat rentals. [1]

  • Antelope Point Marina
  • Bullfrog Marina
  • Dangling Rope Marina
  • Halls Crossing Marina
  • Wahweap Marina

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