Lambert of Italy

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Lambert of Italy
Emperor of the Romans
Lambert (second from left) depicted as one of the kings who had favoured and protected the abbey of San Clemente a Casauria.
From the Chronicon Casauriense, 12th-century manuscript
Emperor in Italy
PredecessorGuy III of Spoleto
SuccessorArnulf of Carinthia
Spinetta Marengo, Italy
FatherGuy III of Spoleto

Lambert (c. 880 – 15 October 898) was the King of Italy from 891, Holy Roman Emperor, co-ruling with his father from 892, and Duke of Spoleto and Camerino (as Lambert II) from his father's death in 894.

He was the son of Guy III of Spoleto and Ageltrude, born in San Rufino. He was the last ruler to issue a capitulary in the Carolingian tradition.[1]

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