Charles the Bald

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Charles the Bald

Charles the Bald (13 June 823 - 6 October 877) was King Charles II of France (843-877). He was also the Holy Roman Emperor (875-877) and King of West Francia (840-877).

Marriages, family and children[change | change source]

Charles married Ermentrude, daughter of Odo I, Count of Orléans, in 842. She died in 869. In 870, Charles married Richilde of Provence, who was descended from a noble family of Lorraine.

With Ermentrude:

With Richilde:

  • Rothild (871–929), married firstly to Hugues, Count of Bourges and secondly to Roger, Count of Maine
  • Drogo (872–873)
  • Pippin (873–874)
  • a son (born and died 875)
  • Charles (876–877)

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