Rudolph of France

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King of Western Francia
An imagined image; no contemporary images exist.
King of the Franks (more...)
Reign 13 July 923 – 14/15 January 936
france 13 July 923, St Médard, Soissons
Predecessor Robert I
Successor Louis IV
Spouse Emma of France
Father Richard the Justiciar
Mother Adelaide of Auxerre
Born c. 890
Died 14/15 January 936(936-01-15)
(c. aged 45–46)

Rudolph (also Radulf, Ralph, or Raoul) (c. 890 – 15 January 936) was the Duke of Burgundy between 921 and 923. He was King of France from July 13, 923 until his death. He married Emma of France, daughter of Robert I of France and Béatrice of Vermandois. The nobles elected him King of France after his father-in-law died.