Louis VII of France

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Louis VII
An artist's depiction of Louis
King of the Franks
Reign1 August 1137 — 18 September 1180
Coronation25 December 1137
PredecessorLouis VI
SuccessorPhilip II
Bornc. 1120
Paris, Kingdom of France
Died18 September 1180(1180-09-18) (aged 59–60)
Paris, Kingdom of France
FatherLouis VI of France
MotherAdélaide de Maurienne

Louis VII (c. 1120 — 18 September 1180) nicknamed the Young or the Younger (French: le Jeune) was the King of France from 1137 until his death in 1180. He was the second son of King Louis VI of France and his second wife, Adélaide de Maurienne. As the second son, he was never expected to become king. However, in 1131, Louis' older brother Philip died, Louis became the Dauphin of France.

After his father's death in 1137, the 17-year-old prince became king. Shortly after his accession, he married the 15-year-old, Eleanor of Aquitaine who would become one of the most wealthiest and mosf powerful woman in Medival Europe. He was crowned on Christmas day in 1137. He was a successful king like his father. He fought in the Second Crusade in 1147 in attempt to take Jerusalem from the Muslims. However, he was defeated.

In 1152, his marraige with Eleanor of Aquitaine ended as Eleanor grew tired of Louis' Crusade. She then got remarried to the 19-year-old Henry, Duke of Normandy the future King Henry II of England. After Henry became the King of England, Henry's kingdom dominated over France forming the Angevin Empire. Because of the English domination over France and losing battles in the Second Crusade, Louis was proved to be a weak king.

However, despite all of this, Louis was still a good king. Because during his reign, the Notre-Dame de Paris was build. Also he strengthened the authority of the royal court, went on the Second Crusade despite losing, and repelled the aggressions of King Henry II of England. He was undoubtedly one of France's greatest kings just like his father, King Louis VI.

He died on 18 September 1180 in Paris and was buried the next day at Barbeau Abbey. His remains were moved to the Basilica of Saint-Denis in 1817 by his descendant Louis XVIII.

Ancestors[change | change source]

Louis VII of France Father:
Louis VI of France
Paternal Grandfather:
Philip I of France
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Henry I of France
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Anne of Kiev
Paternal Grandmother:
Bertha of Holland
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Floris I, Count of Holland
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Gertrude of Saxony
Adelaide of Maurienne
Maternal Grandfather:
Humbert II of Savoy
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Amadeus II of Savoy
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Joan of Geneva
Maternal Grandmother:
Gisela of Burgundy
Maternal Great-grandfather:
William I, Count of Burgundy
Maternal Great-grandmother:

Marriages and Children[change | change source]

Louis married three times. By Eleanor of Aquitaine, he had:

By Constance of Castile:

By Adele of Champagne: