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Mandar Agashe (born 24 May 1969) is an Indian musician, music producer and businessman. He is the founder and vice chairman of Sarvatra Technologies.[1] He is best known for the release of his Indian-pop album Nazar Nazar, in 1998.

Agashe was born in Mumbai to Dnyaneshwar Agashe and Rekha Gogte.[2][3] Him and his siblings, Ashutosh Agashe and Sheetal Agashe, are the grandchildren of industrialist Chandrashekhar Agashe.[4] He also has two children from a former marriage, including Adi Agashé.[5]

In 1998, he explored the Ayurvedic skincare market under Brihans Pharmaceuticals,[6] eventually establishing Brihans Natural Products Ltd. in 2000.[7] Agashe was one of the directors implicated in the controversial case surrounding the alleged scam by the Suvarna Sahakari Bank in 2008.[8][9]

In 1998, he released his debut mainstream effort, Nazar Nazar. The album was recorded in Hindi and English, with several songs from the album and their accompanying music videos charted well on MTV India.[10] In 2003, Agashe planned to go international and released a single in Germany called I Need Someone.[11] In 2016, he released a reprise effort with Asha Bhosle in the form of an album called "82", reflecting the veteran singer's age at the time of recording.[12][13]

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