Marinid Sultanate

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Marinid Sultanate
المرينيون al-marīniyyūn (ar)
Emblem of Marinids
The Marinid Sultanate in 1360
The Marinid Sultanate in 1360
StatusRuling dynasty of Morocco[1][2]
Official languagesArabic[3]
Common languagesMaghrebi Arabic, Berber languages
Sunni Islam
• 1215–1217
Abd al-Haqq I
• 1420–1465
Abd al-Haqq II
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Almohad Caliphate
Wattasid dynasty

The Marinid Sultanate was a Berber empire from the mid-13th to the 15th century in modern Morocco and other parts of North Africa. It was named after the Banu Marin (Arabic: بنو مرين, Berber: Ayt Mrin[4]), a Zenata Berber tribe.[1][5] The sultanate was ruled by the Marinid dynasty (Arabic: المرينيون al-marīniyyūn), founded by Abd al-Haqq I.[1][6]

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