Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party

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DFL logo used on a lectern at the 2006 DFL state convention

The Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL) is a major political party in the U.S. state of Minnesota. It was created on April 15, 1944, when the Minnesota Democratic Party and the Farmer–Labor Party merged. Hubert Humphrey was a major part in this merger. The party is affiliated with the national Democratic Party. Both members of the party and non-members in Minnesota often use "DFLer" instead of "Democrat".[1]

Candidates endorsed in 2010[change | change source]

Challengers[change | change source]

Incumbents[change | change source]

Current elected officials[change | change source]

Constitutional officers[change | change source]

State legislative leaders[change | change source]

Members of Congress[change | change source]

DFL 2006 state convention registration desk

Current leadership[change | change source]

  • Chair – Brian Melendez
  • Associate Chair – Donna Cassutt
  • Treasurer – Lori Sellner
  • Secretary – Sue Rego
  • Affirmative Action Officer – Frank Brown

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