Mirador de la Flor

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Coordinates: 27°47′48″N 97°23′28″W / 27.796643°N 97.391006°W / 27.796643; -97.391006

A plaque describing that Mirador De La Flor is dedicated to Selena.

Mirador de la Flor (English: "Overlook of the Flower")[1] is a life-sized statue that is in Corpus Christi, Texas. The statue is a memorial to American singer Selena. The statue was ordered by the Mayor of Corpus Christi as a tourist attraction in 1997.[2] Hundreds of fans visit the statue weekly from all over the world.[3] The statue faces Corpus Christi bay, where the gun that killed Selena was thrown. A second life-sized statue of Selena was made in Mexico in March 2011.

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