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The New Girl in Town

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The New Girl in Town
Studio album by
ReleasedDecember 26, 1985 (U.S.)
GenreTejano pop, Latin Pop, Chicano Rock, Polka, Jazz, Doo-wop, R&B
LabelCara Records
ProducerAbraham Quintanilla Jr
Selena y Los Dinos chronology
Selena y Los Dinos
The New Girl in Town Alpha
Singles from The New Girl in Town
  1. "Encontre El Amor"
    Released: October 14, 1983
  2. "Soy Feliz"
    Released: November 6, 1983
  3. "Se Me Hace"
    Released: December 4, 1983
  4. "Estoy Contigo"
    Released: December 26, 1983
  5. "Dejame Volar"
    Released: May 13, 1983
  6. "La Tracalera"
    Released: January 26, 1984
  7. "Escribeme"
    Released: February 17, 1984
  8. "Aunque No Salga El Sol"
    Released: May 24, 1984
  9. "Oh Mama"
    Released: March 26, 1985
  10. "Un Primer Amor"
    Released: May 27, 1985

The New Girl in Town is the first released album by Selena Y Los Dinos. The album has ten tracks. Some of them were covers of songs performed by other artists before Selena. The rest were written by Selena's father Abraham Quintanilla, Jr.

Production[change | change source]

When Selena and her band did not receive much support from Freddie Martinez,[1] the founder of Freddie Records, Abraham Quintanilla Jr, the father of Selena, began searching for another record label for the band. In the summer of 1984, Cara Records contacted him who had heard Selena during a recent concert and so they can sign Selena y Los Dinos. Selena began to record tracks for her new album The New Girl In Town in late 1984. Cara Records released the album in 1985, but had to withdraw it after only two months due to conflicts with various song rights. Quintanilla then moved the band to the Manny Guerra labels GP Productions and RP Productions/Record Producer from 1985–1989, and finally to EMI in 1989. The song "Oh Mama" on Cara Records became very popular leading to appearances by Selena y Los Dinos on television shows like the Johnny Canales Show.

Track listing[change | change source]

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Encontre El Amor"  Rick James/Abraham Quintanilla Jr. 2:33
2. "Soy Feliz"  Abraham Quintanilla Jr 2:19
3. "Se Me Hace"  Gerardo Olvera 2:08
4. "Estoy Contigo"  A.B. Quintanilla III 3:26
5. "Dejame Volar"  Carlos Vargas 2:27
6. "La Tracalera"  Johnny Herrera 3:00
7. "Escribeme"  Abraham Quintanilla Jr 3:02
8. "Aunque No Salga El Sol"  A.B. Quintanilla III 3:04
9. "Oh Mama"  Ruben Armando 3:07
10. "Un Primer Amor"  D.A.R. 3:17

Singles[change | change source]

  • 1983: "Encontre El Amor" I Found Love
  • 1983: "Soy Feliz" I Am Happy
  • 1983: "Se Me Hace" I Am Thinking...
  • 1983: "Estoy Contigo" I'm With You
  • 1984: "Dejame Volar" Let Me Fly
  • 1984: "La Tracalera" The Party Girl
  • 1984: "Escribeme" Write Me
  • 1984: "Aunque No Salga El Sol" Even If The Sun Doesn't Rise
  • 1985: "Oh Mama"
  • 1985: "Un Primer Amor" A First Love

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References[change | change source]

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