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The mutineers put Captain Bligh in a small boat. A scene from the movie, Mutiny on the Bounty

Mutiny is a when a group of people get together to openly oppose, change, or remove the people or person in authority. It usually means a group of soldiers trying to remove their officers, or a group of sailors on a ship trying to remove the captain. The group of people that mutiny are called mutineers.

During the Age of Discovery, mutiny meant open rebellion against a ship’s captain. This happened during Magellan’s journey and one mutineer was killed. Another mutineer was executed and 2 others were put on land and left there. After a mutiny on Henry Hudson’s Discovery, Hudson and several others were left in the ocean in a small boat.

Penalty[change | change source]

Mutiny is still treated as a very bad crime. Mutineers are punished and may even get the death penalty.

Famous Mutinies[change | change source]

17th century[change | change source]

18th century[change | change source]

19th century[change | change source]

  • The Indian rebellion of 1857 was an armed uprising in India against British colonial power, and known in Britain as the Indian Mutiny.
  • The ship Sharon, a New England whaler, had many sailors leave the ship. There were many mutinies. The captain was finally killed and cut up into small pieces by 4 members of the crew.
  • The ship Somers built in 1842, had a mutiny on her first voyage. The 3 mutineers were executed.[1]

20th century[change | change source]

After World War II[change | change source]

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