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National Fascist Party was the ruling party of the Kingdom of Italy from 1922-1943. Benito Mussolini founded the party in 1919 and served as it's Chairman (Italian:Presidente del Partito Nazionale Fascista) from 1919-1943. The Party came to power after Mussolini led thousands of Blackshirts in a march on Rome and forced King Victor Emmanuel III to appoint him Prime Minister. As Prime Minister (the real head of government), Mussolini banned all other political parties and established a one-party police state, which lasted until Mussolini was thrown out of power by his own citizens- and ordered to be arrested- by the King in 1943. After Mussolini's arrest, the National Fascist Party was destroyed.

Later parties[change | change source]

Republican Fascist Party[change | change source]

However, Mussolini was rescued from prison by German soldiers sent by Adolf Hitler in 1943, and was made the head of state (this time a member of the newly created Republican Fascist Party) of the Italian Social Republic, a puppet state whose real laws were made by the Nazis.

Mussolini was killed by Italian citizens in 1945 and the Republican Fascist Party was dissolved and banned.