Pablo Marin

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Pablo Saul Marin (born 1967) is a Belizean politician from Corozal Bay. A member of the United Democratic Party (UDP), he is the Minister of Health in Belize as part of the Cabinet and the Member of the Belize House of Representatives for Corozal Bay constituency, serving in both positions since 8 February 2008, after the UDP won the General election. He received the 2010 United Nations award for his excellence in public service and the prominent role he played in bringing better Health care to Belize. Marin is also a Doctor of Health in Belize.

Early life and education[change | change source]

Pablo Saul Marin was born in 1967 in Corozal Bay, then British Honduras to his Mother and Father. He grew in the same district and still resides there up until today. During his years at Corozal Bay he would often get sick and unwell but that did not stop him from pursuing his Education. Marin is extremely well known in Corozal Bay and has made several friends and comrades in that particular District. He also studied in a Primary school and Secondary school located not to far from his home, his parents wanted this for him so that his time would not be consumed by travelling.

After graduating form High school in 1984, Marin went on to Junior college where he studied Medicine there. He had a strong aspiration to become one of the well-known Doctors in Belize. Marin often study late until the night just to ace his exams in High school. Due to his stellar work in his Junior college and his brilliant attitude towards learning, Marin was appointed as a Student Councillor in 1986 and quickly rose up the ranks to become member of the Student Council Executive Committee (EXCO) serving as its President in 1987. Marin chaired several students in Medicine as well.

Health career[change | change source]

Upon graduation from College in 1989, Marin set up his own Clinic in Corozal Bay and first served as a doctor there from 1990 to 1994. Prior to 1994, he was appointed Senior doctor which he served until 2007. During his years as a Doctor, Marin never failed to treat his patients whoever they were and his Clinic became one of the most famous and well-known clinics in Belize.

Political career[change | change source]

Marin first joined the UDP in 2007, where he submitted his nomination to contest the 2007 United Democratic Party (UDP) Corozal Bay Standard-bearer convention and election. He was the only UDP Candidate who submitted his nominations in that Convention and therefore, won unopposed. After the Convention concluded, Marin then prepared himself to go head to head against Deputy prime minister, Juan Vildo Marin of the People’s United Party (PUP) in the 2008 general election. Vildo Marin was the Area Representative for Corozal Bay for 19 consecutive years and Marin new that it was not an easy task to turn Corozal Bay Red. Marin came up with multiple Health policies that will woo the Electorate to vote for him. He also toured his Constituency and manage to get a view of how "bad" everything in Corozal Bay was. During the campaign period in the of the 2008 election, Marin proposed better health care solutions as well as improving infrastructure for the people of his Constituency. He also campaigned heavily especially in the urban areas of the Corozal District where there were more Electorate. After a determined Campaign, Marin finally ended his opponent’s Long time political career. Marin finished first to Vildo Marin gaining 59.36% of the vote and 2,467 of the Popular vote.

Going into the 2012 Belizean general election, Marin sought another term as Corozal Bay Area Rep after winning the 2012 United Democratic Party (UDP) Standard-bearer unopposed once again. Marin's main campaign focus was his achievements as Health Minister and the road ahead for the country if having re-elected to his seat. Marin went on to face PUP's Gregorio "Papas" Garcia. However unlike Marin’s previous landslide win in 2008. This time was different. There was a third candidate contesting in Corozal Bay, namely Carlos Javier Sawers of Vision Inspired by the People (VIP). Marin retained his winning streak, winning 50.3% of the vote and 2,340 of the Popular vote.

On 30 May 2012, several babies across Belize due to an outbreak of Inter Bacteria in the Intensive care unit (ICU) at the Cage image. Marin attended a press conference at the Carlie Hugh Memorial Hospital to address about the tragedy. Instead of speaking up at the conference, Marin differed to Prime minister, Dean Barrow to lead. This caused multiple protests across the country.

On 29 June 2013, Marin attended another press conference and took the spotlight this time on the same matter. In opening the press conference he formally apologised to the families who were affected by the tragedy and said he had formulate a team to investigate the outbreak. He also believed that the media have either received or have been given access to the reports on the investigation by the International Consultants which was brought it by the Pan-American health organisation. Marin also said that the Ministry of Health will remain absolutely committed to making all Information available and doing everything possible to make sure that the babies are safe for the future. The report was clearly critical of many areas and made strong recommendation. Marin stated that he will not resign or take overall responsibility about the affair as there was never a report by the media about what Cage image has done. Marin also enforced that all hospitals across Belize are doing the best they can to provide good and quality health care to Belizeans.

After the press conference ended, the PUP issued a press release saying that powers findings point to the Ministry of Health and the hospital's incompetence and lack of accountability.