Pan American Games

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The Pan American Games are a multi-sport event. They are held every four years between competitors from all nations of the Americas.

History[change | change source]

The Pan American Games were going to be started in 1932, but World War II caused the first Pan American Games to happen on 1951. From that time, the Games are held every four years.

More than 5000 athletes from more than 40 countries have attended the recent Games. USA has won the most gold, silver and bronze medals.

Locations of Pan American Games[change | change source]

Pan American Games
Year Games Host City Country
1951 I Buenos Aires Argentina Argentina
1955 II Mexico City Mexico Mexico
1959 III Chicago United States United States
1963 IV São Paulo Brazil Brazil
1967 V Winnipeg Canada Canada
1971 VI Cali Colombia Colombia
1975 VII Mexico City Mexico Mexico
1979 VIII San Juan Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
1983 IX Caracas Venezuela Venezuela
1987 X Indianapolis United States United States
1991 XI Havana Cuba Cuba
1995 XII Mar del Plata Argentina Argentina
1999 XIII Winnipeg Canada Canada
2003 XIV Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
2007 XV Rio de Janeiro Brazil Brazil
2011 XVI Guadalajara Mexico Mexico