Asian Games

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The Asian Games are a multi-sport event, held every four years between competitors from all nations of Asia.

It includes a variety of sports, from soccer to alpine skiing. Like the Olympics, it has a winter event and a summer event ^^

List of Asian Games[change | change source]

List of Winter Asian Games[change | change source]

  1. 1986 Winter Asian Games, Sapporo, Japan
  2. 1990 Winter Asian Games, Sapporo, Japan
  3. 1996 Winter Asian Games, Harbin, People's Republic of China (originally hosted by North Korea)
  4. 1999 Winter Asian Games, Gangwon, South Korea
  5. 2003 Winter Asian Games, Aomori, Japan
  6. 2007 Winter Asian Games, Changchun, People's Republic of China
  7. 2011 Winter Asian Games, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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