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A map of Podolia within Ukraine.

Podolia, also known as Podilia, is a region in Ukraine that's located south of Volhynia, north of both Moldova and Bukovina, and northwest of the Dniester River.[1] It was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (where it had the highest population density) until the late 18th century, when it was split between Austria and Russia due to the partitions of Poland.[1] Even afterwards, the Polish nobility continued to dominate Podolia while the peasants there were mostly Ukrainians.[1] By the end of the 19th century, Ukrainian nationalism began spreading to Podolia.[1] The towns of western Podolia failed to become large cities because they were overshadowed by Lviv.[1] During the Russian Civil War, Poland, Ukraine, the White Russians, and the Bolsheviks all competed for Podolia.[1] In the end, Podolia got divided between Poland, who got western Podolia, and the Soviet Union, who got eastern Podolia.[1] This situation existed until World War II, when the Soviet Union conquered all of Podolia.[1] Due to World War II, the Holocaust, and later emigration, the Jewish and Polish populations of Podolia significantly decreased.[1] After the end of World War II, the Russian population in Podolia increased significantly.[1] Even today, Podolia is one of the most agricultural and least industrialized parts of Ukraine.[1]

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