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Total population
8 million
Regions with significant populations
Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador.
Quechua, Spanish
Catholicism adapted to traditional Andean beliefs
Related ethnic groups

Quechuas is the term used for several ethnic groups in South America that use a Quechua language (Southern Quechua mainly). They belong to several ethnic groups in South America, above all in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

The Quechuas of Ecuador call themselves - as well as their language Kichwa - Kichwas or Quichuas. The Kichwa-speaking group of Colombia are the Ingas.

Some (historic) Quechua peoples:

  • Inca
  • Chancas (in Huancavelica, Ayacucho y Apurímac)
  • Huancas (in Junín; spoke Quechua before the Incas did)
  • Cañaris (in Ecuador; adopted the Quechua language from the Incas)

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