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RAF's SEPECAT Jaguar in 2002.
Role Attack aircraft
National origin France & UK.
Manufacturer SEPECAT
First flight 1968
Introduction 1973
Status Active
Primary user France and UK.
Produced Out of production.
Number built 612 examples

The SEPECAT Jaguar is a twin-turbojet military aircraft. It was designed and built as an attack aircraft, also used as a training aircraft. It was built by SEPECAT, an Anglo-French company. It first flew in 1968. Armée de l'Air and Royal Air Force were the main users. It was used in wars in Africa by French, and in Gulf War and Afghanistan War by British and French. It's also built under licence in India as Jaguar International.

Users[change | change source]

Apart Armée de l'Air and Royal Air Force the Jaguar was purchased by Ecuador, India, Nigeria and Oman.