Saraya al-Quds

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Al-Quds Brigades
سرايا القدس
LeaderZiyad al-Nakhalah
SpokesmanAbu Hamza[1]
Dates of operation1981–present
MotivesThe establishment of a sovereign, Islamic Palestinian state within the geographic borders of pre-1948 Mandatory Palestine
IdeologyPalestinian Nationalism
OpponentsState of Israel

Saraya al-Quds (Arabic: سرايا القدس),[2] approximately meaning Jerusalem Brigades and sometimes translated as "Al-Quds Brigades" (AQB), is the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ),[3][4] which was founded in 1981 by Fathi Shaqaqi and Abd Al Aziz Awda in Gaza.[5] It is now, the second largest militant group in the Gaza Strip, after Hamas. Currently the AQB's leader is Ziyad al-Nakhalah, who lives in Beirut, Lebanon.[6] The head of AQB in the Gaza Strip was Baha Abu al-Ata[7] until he was killed in a airstrike in November 2019.[8]

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