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Coat of arms of Schweinfurt
Schweinfurt is located in Germany
Coordinates 50°3′0″N 10°14′0″E / 50.05000°N 10.23333°E / 50.05000; 10.23333
Country Germany
State Bavaria
Admin. region Lower Franconia
District Urban district
Lord Mayor Gudrun Grieser (CSU)
Basic statistics
Area 35.71 km2 (13.79 sq mi)
Elevation 202-343 m
Population 53,970  (31 December 2006)
 - Density 1,511 /km2 (3,914 /sq mi)
Other information
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Licence plate SW
Postal codes 97401–97424
Area code 09721
Imperial City of Schweinfurt
Reichsstadt Schweinfurt
Free Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire
Capital Schweinfurt
Government Republic
Historical era Middle Ages
 •  Founded before 791
 •  Gained Reichsfreiheit 1254
 •  Joined Swabian League 1386
 •  Joined Franconian Circle 1500
 •  Mediatised to Bavaria 1803
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Image missing March of the Nordgau
Electorate of Bavaria

Schweinfurt is a city in Franconia. The population is about 50,000. Larger, nearby cities are Würzburg and Bamberg