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China in its region (all claimed).svg
Secession in China

The People's Republic of China and the Republic of China insist sole legitimacy of China against each other. Practically, the former is administering Mainland China and the two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau and the latter is administering the Taiwan area.

Summary[change | change source]

Number Land Capital Area Population Ethnic Main Political Party
Major Actions
1 Greater Tibet Lhasa 2,500,000 10,000,000 Tibetan people Tibetan Independence Movement
2 Template:Country data East Turkestan East Turkestan Ürümqi 1,700,000 20,000,000 Uyghur people East Turkestan Independence Movement
3 Flag of the Inner Mongolian People's Party.svg Inner Mongolia Hohhot 1,183,000 25,000,000 Mongol people Inner Mongolian Independence Movement
4 Template:Country data Manchukuo Inner Manchuria Harbin 787,000 112,000,000 Manchu people Manchukuo Independence Movement|
5 Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996.svg Taiwan Taipei 36,200 24,000,000 Taiwanese people Taiwan Independence Movement
6 Hong Kong Hong Kong 1,110 7,500,000 Hong Kong people Hong Kong Independence Movement|
7 Macau Macau 115 700,000 Macanese people Macau Independence Movement
Total China Beijing 6,207,425 200,000,000 Chinese people Chinese nationalism
Minor Actions
8 Basurian independence movement .gif Republic of Basuria Chengdu 485,000 81,000,000 Basurian people Basurian Independence Movement
9 23px Eastern Mongolia Hailar 263,953 2,500,000 Daur people Eastern Mongolia Independence Movement
10 Flag of the Zhuang people.svg Guangxi Nanning 236,700 50,000,000 Zhuang people Guangxi Independence Movement
11 Xiangese republic .png Xiangese Republic Changsha 210,000 67,000,000 Xiang people Xiang Independence Movement
12 23px Republic of Cantonia Guangzhou 179,800 113,000,000 Cantonese people Guangdong Independence Movement
13 23px Gan Republic Nanchang 166,919 45,000,000 Gan people Gan Independence Movement
14 23px Hokkien Republic Fuzhou 121,400 38,000,000 Hokkiens people Hokkien Independence Movement
15 Nguyuit Republic Hangzhou 101,800 57,000,000 Wuyue people Nguyuit Independence Movement
16 Ma clique flag kaiserreich.png Hui Republic Yinchuan 66,400 11,000,000 Hui people Hui Independence Movement
17 Proposed Yi flag.svg Yi Republic Xichang 60,261 9,000,000 Yi people Yi Independence Movement
18 Flag of the Republic of Hainan (Proposal).png Hainanese Republic Haikou 35,354 10,000,000 Hainan people Hainanese Independence Movement
19 23px Dai Republic Jinghong 19,700 1,200,000 Dai people Dai Independence Movement
20 23px Teochewia Chaozhou 10,415 14,000,000 Teochew people Teochew Independence Movement
21 Lahu flag.svg Lahu Democratic Republic Pu'er City 8,807 8,000,000 Lahu people Lahu Independence Movement
22 Santania flag proposal .jpg Santania Tangwangchuan 8,169 2,000,000 Dongxiang people Santania Independence Movement
23 23px Dongia Liping 4,439 3,000,000 Dong people Dongia Independence Movement
Total China Beijing 2,006,117 511,700,000 Chinese people Chinese nationalism
Big Total China Beijing 8,213,542 711,700,000 Chinese people Chinese nationalism

Mainland China[change | change source]

Manchu State.png

Manchuria (滿洲国)

China Inner Mongolia location map.svg

Inner Mongolia

China Tibet location map.svg

Tibet Autonomous Region

China Xinjiang location map.svg

Xinjiang Autonomous Region

China Yunnan location map.svg

State of Yunnan (云南国, Yúnnánguó)

Special administrative regions[change | change source]

China Hong Kong location map.svg

Hong Kong

Taiwan area[change | change source]

Map of Taiwan.jpg


In perspective of the laws of the Republic of China, the Taiwan Independence movement is considered as secessionism, but practically, the movement seeks to replace the ROC with the Republic of Taiwan because Taiwan area is the only practical region administered by the ROC.

In perspective of the laws of the People's Republic of China, the Taiwan Independence movement is considered as secessionism, too because the PRC considers the Taiwan area as its integral part as a rogue province.

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