Siege of Toulon (1793)

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Siege of Toulon
Part of the Federalist revolts and other naval operations during the War of the First Coalition

The British evacuation of Toulon in December 1793
Date29 August – 19 December 1793
43°08′N 5°55′E / 43.13°N 5.92°E / 43.13; 5.92

French Republican victory

  • End of allied occupation in Toulon
  • Destruction of the French fleet
French First Republic French Republic French Royalists
France French Federalists
 Great Britain
Spain Kingdom of Spain
 Kingdom of Naples
 Kingdom of Sicily
 Kingdom of Sardinia
Commanders and leaders
French First Republic Jean François Carteaux
French First Republic Jacques François Dugommier
French First Republic Napoleon Bonaparte (WIA)
French First Republic Jean François Cornu de La Poype
French First Republic Hughes Charlot
Baron d'Imbert
Kingdom of Great Britain Samuel Hood
Kingdom of Great Britain Charles O'Hara (POW)
Kingdom of Great Britain Sidney Smith
Kingdom of Great Britain Lord Mulgrave
Spain Juan de Lángara
Spain Federico Gravina
Kingdom of Great Britain Henry Phipps
32,000[1] 1,500
Spain 7,000 & 32 Ships
Kingdom of NaplesKingdom of SicilyKingdom of Sardinia 6,500 & 5 Ships
Kingdom of Great Britain 2,600 & 37 Ships
17,600 men
74 ships
Casualties and losses

1,700 dead or wounded[2]

9 Ships of the Line sunk in harbour, 4 ships of the line, 7 Frigates and 5 Corvettes captured[2]
Spain 1,200 killed or wounded
Kingdom of Great Britain 700 killed or wounded
Kingdom of NaplesKingdom of SicilyKingdom of Sardinia 200 killed or wounded
Kingdom of NaplesKingdom of Sardinia 1,000 captured
1,500 captured [2]
Total 4,600
Kingdom of Great Britain 1 Ship captured[2]
14 Ships of the Line, 1 Frigate and 2 Corvettes abandoned and seized by the Republicans[2]
Siege of Toulon (1793) is located in Europe
Siege of Toulon (1793)
Location within Europe
War of the First Coalition:
Napoleon Bonaparte
  current battle
  Napoleon as subordinate
  Napoleon in command

The siege of Toulon (29 August – 19 December 1793) was a military action that took place during the Federalist revolts of the French Revolutionary Wars. In the event, Republican forces fought against Royalist rebels supported by English and Spanish forces. The fighting took place in the southern French city of Toulon. During this siege, Napoleon Bonaparte became well known for the firs time. He was promoted when his plan to capture of fortifications above the harbour. He was credited with forcing the English and Spanish fleets to leave. The British siege of 1793 was the first time the Royal Navy was used in the French Revolution.

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