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French First Republic

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French Republic
République française
Motto: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ou la Mort
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death
Anthem: "La Marseillaise"[1]
The French First Republic in 1799
The French First Republic in 1799
French departments in 1801
French departments in 1801
Common languages
Government1792–1795 Authoritarian directorial republic

1795–1799 Oligarchical directorial republic

1799–1804 autocratic republic
President of the National Convention 
• 1792
Philippe Rühl (first)
• 1795
Jean Joseph Victor Génissieu (last)
President of the Directory 
• 1795–1799
By rotation: 3 months duration
First Consul 
• 1799–1804
Napoléon Bonaparte
Council of Ancients (1795–1799)
Historical eraFrench Revolutionary Wars
14 July 1789
21 September 1792
5 September 1793 to
28 July 1794
4 February 1794
24 July 1794
9 November 1799
• Napoleon Bonaparte is proclaimed emperor by the Senate
18 May 1804
Currencylivre (to 1794), franc, assignat
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of France
Anglo-Corsican Kingdom
Austrian Netherlands
First French Empire
Anglo-Corsican Kingdom

The French First Republic was formed on 22 September 1792, by the newly made National Convention. The First Republic lasted until the First French Empire in 1804 under Napoleon I. This time is characterized by the fall of the monarchy, the making of the National Convention and the infamous Reign of Terror, the founding of the Directory and the Thermidorian Reaction, and finally, the making of the Consulate and Napoleon’s rise to power.


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48°52′00″N 2°19′59″E / 48.86667°N 2.33306°E / 48.86667; 2.33306