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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Developer(s)Factor 5
Publisher(s)LucasArts (N64, Windows)
Nintendo (N64) (Europe)
Director(s)Mark Haigh-Hutchinson
Brett Tosti
Producer(s)Julian Eggebrecht
Designer(s)Kevin Schmitt
Programmer(s)Thomas Engel
Holger Schmidt
Amit Shalev
Artist(s)Craig Rundels
Composer(s)Chris Hülsbeck Edit this on Wikidata
SeriesStar Wars
Platform(s)Windows, Nintendo 64
  • NA: December 3, 1998
  • EU: December 4, 1998
Nintendo 64
  • NA: December 8, 1998
  • EU: January 10, 1999
Genre(s)Action, arcade flight

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is an action arcade flight video game. It was published by LucasArts, with Nintendo doing publishing in Europe. It was developed by both Factor 5 and LucasArts.[1]

The game was released on December 3, 1998 in North America and on December 4, 1998 in Europe for the Windows. It was also released on December 8, 1998 in North America and on January 10, 1999 in Europe for the Nintendo 64.[2][3]

The game's setting is during the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance war. In the game, the player plays as Luke Skywalker and travels to different planets to destroys enemies and protect the survival of the Rebellion.[4]

A spiritual successor called Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo was released in 2001. Two proper sequels were released for the game. Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader in 2001 and Rebel Strike in 2003.

Reception[change | change source]

The game was very well liked by game critics. Critics said that they liked the flight mechanics, graphics, sounds, and upgrades.[5][6] However, they also said that they didn't like that there was so much distance fog in the game and that there was no multiplayer modes.[7][8]

The game won Best Action Computer Game at the Origins Awards in 1998.[9]

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