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Birth nameTanxugueiras
BornGalicia, Spain
GenresContemporary Folk
Years active2016–present

Tanxugueiras [tanʃu'ɣejɾa̝s] is a Spanish girl group formed by Aida Tarrío and the twin sisters Olaia and Sabela Maneiro. They started working together in 2016 and sing mostly in Galician.

The name of the group comes from a place name. This is the name of some estates in the parish of Fumaces, in the municipality of Riós and is related to badgers ("teixugos" or "tanxugos" in Galician).

Despite their repertoire they try to give the pieces a modern sound, which brings it closer to the style of world music or even pop. It also seeks to emphasize issues such as women's empowerment.[1]

Career[change | change source]

The Tanxugueiras became well known before they released their first album. In early 2017, a video went viral on social media featuring bakers before a concert with the supergroup A Banda das Crechas in Glasgow.[2]

2018: Tanxugueiras[change | change source]

In the spring of 2018 they released their first album with the same name as the group, Tanxugueiras.[3] This one won the MIN Prize of Disc in Galician 2018.[4] The presentation single was "Que non me neguen", in which they had the collaboration of Guadi Galego. This same year, they released a rock single called "Critical Culture" in which they collaborated with NAO and the rap group SonDaRúa. They also collaborated with the Scottish folk group Shooglenifty on the song "East West". During their tour they visited stages in various places such as Cuba, India, Switzerland and Scotland.

2019: Contrapunto[change | change source]

In mid-2019 they were awarded the Martín Códax Music Prize in the category of Galician traditional music and folk. The second album, Contrapunto, was released in November under the Calaverita Records and PlayPlan label. It was produced by Tanxugueiras with the collaboration of Isaac Palacín (from Berrogüetto) who also plays drums. Along with pieces closer to traditional music, such as "Perfidia" or "Miña Nai", other music such as "Malquerenza" or "Desposorio" have sounds reminiscent of pop or even electronic music.[5]

2020-2021: New award and new music[change | change source]

In 2020 they receive the award for the Best Adaptation of a Traditional Piece in the XIX Opinión de Música de Raíz Awards. Contrapunto is also recognized as one of the best records in the World Music Charts Europe.

In his works of the year 2021, an evolution is perceived towards the fusion between traditional music and sounds close to trap and electronic music. One of his singles from that year, "Figa", was chosen in a non-binding vote among fans of the contest as a favorite theme to participate in the 2022 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest . On 10 December, TVE confirmed its presence among the fourteen shortlisted artists who will compete for a place at the Benidorm Festival. In accordance with the rules of the contest, for their participation they presented an unpublished topic entitled Terra (Earth), sung in Galician language (variant related to Portuguese spoken in Galicia), with the refrain "non hai fronteiras" (there are no frontiers) repeated in Castilian-Spanish, Basque and Catalan, co-official languages in Spain, and also in Asturian (not co-oficial yet). In less than a week, the video on YouTube reached more than a million views.[6]

2022: Terra and Benidorm Fest[change | change source]

They published a collaboration with Rayden as a new single for their new album t.[5] Also they take part on the Benidorm Fest 2021.

Discography[change | change source]

The first album, Tanxugueiras, was released in 2018. Has the following eleven tracks, in this order:

    • "Ai a ribeira"
    • "Non cho sei"
    • "Aldeiña de Moscoso"
    • "Bembibre"
    • "Tanxugueiras"
    • "A de sempre"
    • "En Piornedo"
    • "Hermillans"
    • "Que non mo neguen"
    • "Oleró"
    • "Glasgow"

The second album, Contrapunto, was released in 2019. It has ten themes, in that order:

    • "Autocracia"
    • "Albedrío"
    • "Perfidia"
    • "Irmandade"
    • "Miña Nena"
    • "Miña Nai"
    • "O Querer"
    • "Malquerenza"
    • "Desposorio"
    • "Maltraer"

In June 2020, with the rooster of Music Day, they released the single "Telo". In February 2021 they released a new track with the collaboration of Xisco Feijoo, "Midas" , and in July 2021 they released "Figa". [7]

Awards and recognitions[change | change source]

  • XIX Awards Opinión de Música de Raíz 2020 (Best adaptation of a traditional piece)
  • World Music Charts Europe 2020 (Top 20 World Music Records in May 2020)
  • Contest aRi (t) mar Galicia and Portugal 2019 (Best Music of Galicia 2019)
  • Mestre Mateo Awards for Galician Audiovisual 2019 (Finalists Best Music-Video for Perfidia )
  • Scots Trad Music Awards 2019 (Finalists in the category of Best Video with Shooglenifty)
  • MIN Independent Music Awards 2019 (Finalists Best Galician Album)
  • Martín Códax Music Awards 2019 (Best Traditional and Folk Music Group)
  • MIN Independent Music Awards 2018 (Best Galician Album)

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