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This Citation Style 1 template is used to create citations for published or broadcast speeches.

Usage[change source]

Copy a blank version to use. Almost all parameter names are supported only in lower case (some initialisms, such as |isbn= have upper-case aliases like |ISBN=, which are acceptable for use). Use the "|" (pipe) character between each parameter. Unused parameters may be deleted to avoid clutter in the edit window. Some samples on this documentation page may include the current date. If the date is not current, then purge the page.

Examples[change source]

{{cite speech
 |title=Economic Isolationism Isn't an Option
 |event=Executive Speeches
 |location=Washington, D.C.
 |date=December 30, 2004
  • Eskew, Mike (December 30, 2004). Economic Isolationism Isn't an Option (Speech). Executive Speeches. Washington, D.C.. 

{{cite speech |title=Title |author=First Last |authorlink=First |date=April 1, 2000 |location=Location |url=http://www.example.org |accessdate=October 12, 2006 }}

{{cite speech |last=Last |first=First |date=April 1, 2000 |event=Event |location=Location }}

  • Last, First (April 1, 2000) (Speech). Event. Location. 

Parameters[change source]

Syntax[change source]

Nested parameters rely on their parent parameters:

  • parent
  • OR: parent2—may be used instead of parent
    • child—may be used with parent (and is ignored if parent is not used)
    • OR: child2—may be used instead of child (and is ignored if parent2 is not used)
Where aliases are listed, only one of the parameters may be defined; if multiple aliased parameters are defined, then only one will show.

This template embeds COinS metadata in the HTML output, allowing reference management software to retrieve bibliographic metadata.