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Most of the time I am found here.

Hi, I'm Themaeeandhisfriend. My user page on English Wikipedia is here. I have made more than 500 edits and have made over 60 articles on the Simple English Wikipedia. On the English Wikipedia itself, I have made over 4000 edits and started over 120 articles. In total, I have made over 5,000 edits over the Wikimedia projects.

I reside in a place called Orange County, California. (And coincidentially, I've created the article for it here as well.) When I'm not online, rivers, dams, boats, ships, canal locks, and waterfalls, and certainly a lot of other water-related things, grab my attention. I like to create long articles, but it doesn't seem to work with me here; many times I want to create a long article but end up with only two or three paragraphs. I definitely need to improve. But with my long time spent on the English Wikipedia, I feel that I would be okay here as well.


  • March 28, 2009- 100th edit