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The Simple News
P(V)GA and a lot more

Hello, everyone and thanks for reading this article. For the first time, I'm not going to talk about DYK, but would like to focus on (V)GA. It is unfortunate that the interest there fluctuates so much. Few months back, we used to have 10 nominations and now we have only 1 each. So, improve an article, add sources, simplify it and head over to P(V)GA! We need more activity there.

I would like to mention that there is a discussion here to change the current (V)GA icons. Your comments are needed for a decision to be taken!

Also, I would like to mention that there is a new project at User:Project/WikiProject Simplification. All are invited to join. Other recently created projects include WikiProject Literature, WikiProject Chess and WikiProject Baking. It is good that so many new projects are being created; this shows that the community is growing.

Also, I should mention that User:Project/Stub Eradication de-stubbed 100 articles! Thanks to everyone who helped in this.

I should also take this opportunity to thank everyone who reviews articles in PGA, PVGA and Peer Review and also the editors who review and nominate hooks at T:TDYK. (Yes, I know I said I would not mention it. ;)) Also, thanks to those who participate in Editor review which seems to have become active now.

I would like to mention that Andrew Kelly (talk · contribs) was banned by the community.

That's all for now. Happy editing! Cheers, Pmlineditor  10:31, 13 March 2010 (UTC)[reply]