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The Simple News

Well, these are my plans for 2009:

  • WP:GA/WP:VGA — First of all, I hope our community will work hard next year to improve our articles and eventually promote more of them to WP:GA and WP:VGA. Most of our articles are stubs, and we really need more content articles.
  • WP:PGA/WP:PVGA — We probably need more users participating in pages like this to properly discuss whether an article really can be promoted to V/GA. I realize some of us aren't the best article writers/reviewers, but leaving a comment of what you think of the article in general helps. Even the smallest of edits help! As long as you are participating in some way, you could help decide to promote an article or not. I also think our PGA and PVGA processes needs a new process in some way.
  • WP:RfD — Needs more participants. We can decide consensus more clearly with more participants. Also, try to leave a rationale for your !vote instead of doing "per nom" !votes.
  • WP:ST and WP:AN — Could use more users commenting. More can happen with more commenting.
  • WP:DYK — More suggestions and nominations would be more helpful to DYK. We can get more updated to the Main Page that way.
  • Articles — ... contribute to them more. :-)

That's all. I hope we can accomplish these goals in 2009. :-)

Thank you for reading Simple News.

RyanCross @ 22:30, 24 December 2008 (UTC)