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Wim Schermerhorn

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Wim Schermerhorn

Willem "Wim" Schermerhorn (December 17, 1894 in Akersloot - March 10, 1977 in Haarlem) was a Dutch politician.

He was originally a member of the Free-thinking Democratic League (VDB) and later of the Labour Party (PvdA).

He was prime minister of the Netherlands from 1945 till 1946, a member of the Second Chamber from 1948 till 1951, and a member of the First Chamber from 1951 till 1965.

Schermerhorn studied civil engineering at Delft University of Technology, and was also a professor at this university.

During World War II he performed important resistance activities, and had been imprisoned as a hostage for some time.

Schermerhorn belonged to the Remonstrant Church. He died in 1977, aged 83.

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