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This box shows the colour cerulean.

Cerulean is a range of colours from deep blue, sky-blue, bright blue or azure to deep cyan. The word cerulean comes from the Latin word caeruleum, which means "sky" or "heavens". This was in turn from Latin caeruleus deep blue: resembling the blue of the sky.

In classical times, this term was used to describe blue pigments, particularly mixtures of copper and cobaltous oxides, called genuine cerulean. These early attempts to create sky blue colours were often less than satisfactory due to greenish hues and lack of permanence. When the artificial pigment cerulean blue was invented people started using this instead.

The first recorded use of cerulean as a color name in English was in 1590.[1]

Meaning of cerulean[change | edit source]

  • Cerulean represents the "sky" or "heavens", or sometimes the ocean.

Tones of cerulean color comparison chart[change | edit source]

Spanish Cerulean (Ceruleo Inspecifico (Gallego & Sanz)) (Hex: #A8D9F3) (RGB: 168, 217, 243)
Pale Cerulean (Cerulean (Pantone TPX 15-4020)) (Hex: #98B4D4) (RGB: 152, 180, 212)
Cerulean Frost (Crayola Silver Swirls) (Hex: #6D9BC3) (RGB: 109, 155, 195)
Light Artificial Cerulean (Ceruleo Sustituto Aclarado (Gallego & Sanz)) (Hex: #3AA1C1) (RGB: 58, 161, 193)
Bright Cerulean (Crayola Cerulean) (Hex: #02A4D3) (RGB: 2, 164, 211)
Genuine Cerulean (Ceruleo Genuino (Gallego & Sanz)) (Hex: #0096D6) (RGB: 0, 150, 210)
French Cerulean (Intense) (Ceruleen Intense (Pourpre.com)) (Hex: #0F9DEB) (RGB: 15, 157, 235)
French Cerulean (Somber) (Ceruleen Sombre (Pourpre.com)) (Hex: #357AB7) (RGB: 53, 122, 183)
Cerulean Blue Hue (Liquitex Basic Colors #470) (Hex: #3176AF) (RGB: 49, 118, 173)
Cerulean Blue (Cerulean blue pigment) (Maerz & Paul) (Hex: #2A52BE) (RGB: 42, 82, 190)
CERULEAN (Cerulean pigment) (Hex: #007BA7) (RGB: 0, 123, 167)
Artificial Cerulean (Ceruleo Sustituto (Gallego & Sanz)) (Hex: #006594) (RGB: 0, 101, 148)
Dark Cerulean (Hex: #08457E) (RGB: 8, 69, 126)

References[change | edit source]

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  2. 2004 Photo of Navy Blue Angels aerobatic team

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