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Downtown San Antonio

San Antonio is a large city in southern Texas, USA. It is the second most populous city in Texas, with about 1.3 million people. The city is known for The Alamo, and The River Walk, which is a small river that flows through the middle of the city and is lined with shops and restaurants. San Antonio is also home to the San Antonio Spurs, which is a basketball team in the NBA. 57% of the population is Hispanic, 32% is white, 8% is African-American, 2% is Asian, and 1% Native American. The main industries of San Antonio are health-care, tourism, and national defense. Besides tourist attractions, the city has many medical centers and military bases.

Geography[change | edit source]

San Antonio is surrounded by Hill Country, Prairie, and the South Texas Plains.

Climate[change | edit source]

San Antonio has a Semi-Arid Climate with characteristics of a Humid Subtropical Climate Like Austin, rain comes during the spring.

Culture[change | edit source]

San Antonio has a Spanish Culture due to Spanish having settled here for years.

Facts[change | edit source]

The Alamo is located here. One of Three Sea-worlds is located here. San Antonio is home to two amusement parks, Six Flags Over Texas and Seaworld