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2021 Israel–Palestine crisis

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Israeli police in Lod
A sign at the entrance to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, East Jerusalem

On 6 May 2021, a conflict began between Palestinian protesters and the Israeli police over a planned Supreme Court of Israel decision about the evictions of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood of East Jerusalem. It lead Hamas to launch rockets onto Israeli cities. The clashes injured more than 300 people, mostly Palestinian civilians.[1]


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Protests began on 6 May in Sheikh Jarrah. On 8 May, crowds threw rocks at Israeli police and chanted "Strike Tel Aviv" and "in blood, we will redeem al-Aqsa". On 9 May, Israeli police stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in response to stone-throwing Palestinian crowds.[2][3] In response, on May 10, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad started firing rockets into Israel.[4] Israel responded with airstrikes into Gaza.

A bus and a car in Holon, after being hit by a rocket from Gaza

Since 10 May, 62 Palestinians were killed, including fourteen children, and 335 more were wounded.[5] According to the Israel Defense Forces, at least fifteen of Palestinian casualties were Hamas members, and some were killed by Palestinian rockets. Israel reported that Palestinian rockets hit homes and a school, killing four Israeli civilians and an Indian citizen who lived in the country[6] and injuring at least 70 Israeli civilians.[7][8]


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On 20 May 2021, Israel agreed a ceasefire agreement with Gaza militants after 250 deaths due to the conflict. The ceasefire came into effect the next day.[9]


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