Absheron District

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Map of Azerbaijan showing Absheron Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Absheron Rayon
Coordinates: 40°27′25″N 49°44′18″E / 40.45694°N 49.73833°E / 40.45694; 49.73833Coordinates: 40°27′25″N 49°44′18″E / 40.45694°N 49.73833°E / 40.45694; 49.73833
 • Total1,360 km2 (530 sq mi)
 • Total101,300
Telephone code012

Absheron Rayon, also spelled as Apsheron, is a raion of Azerbaijan. There is also an Absheron Peninsula, but they are not in the same area.[1]

Absheron was started in 1963 by the Soviet government. There are lots of historical monuments in Absheron. For example, in the village Aşağı Güzdək there are agricultural tools from the 19th century. In Goradile village, there is Abdurrahman mosque from the 19th century. Mosques from the 18th century are in Məmmədli. Ancient wells which provided water supply to people living in this territory are still used in Aşağı Güzdək and Xirdalan. Tombs from 8th - 18th centuries are also kept: in Fatmai, Digah, Masazir, Hökməli and Saray.[1]

The name Absheron comes from the words 'ap shuran'. This means 'place of salty water' in an ancient Iranian Azeri language.

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