Quba Rayon

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Map of Azerbaijan showing Quba raion

Quba (also known as Guba and Kuba) is a raion in northeastern Azerbaijan. The capital is Quba. The fertile region around Quba is best known for its production of apples. The city area of Quba is known for its fine carpets.

Noted residents[change | change source]

  • Abbasgulu Bakikhanov (also spelled Bakixanov or Bakikhanli), a 19th-century writer, historian and philosopher, is one of the most well known men in Azerbaijan and lived in town Amsar. His museum is in Quba city.
  • Sakina Akhundzadeh, playwright, was born here in 1865

Coordinates: 41°22′N 48°30′E / 41.37°N 48.5°E / 41.37; 48.5