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Alash Autonomy
Алаш Автономиясы (Kazakh)
Flag of Alash Autonomy
The used flag is above (Red Background, Yellow Moon and Star) And the Proposed flag is below
The Alash Autonomy has known seal.
Motto: Оян, Қазақ!

Oian, Qazaq! Проснись, казах!

Wake up, Kazakh!
Location of Alash Autonomy
Official languagesKazakh, Russian
Other languagesKazakh Turkic language (officially)
Ethnic groups
Turkic peoples:
Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Karakalpaks, Bashkirs, Tatars and few Azerbaijanis
Other peoples:
Sunni Islam (officially)
• President
Alikhan Bukeikhanov
The 5th of December 1917
Today part ofKazakhstan, Russia

Alash Autonomy, or officially Alash Orda was an independent unrecognized Kazakh Turkic state in Central Asia and partly in Eastern Europe. It had territories from modern Kazakhstan and modern Russia.

It has a very important role in Kazakh History and all of Turkic History. The 1st and last President of Alash Orda was Alikhan Bukeikhanov, the descendant of kazakh khan of Middle JuzBukey Khan. Alikhan was from Turkic dynasty Törä. It was the part of Juchid part of Genghisid dynasty.

Ethnonym[change | change source]

The use of the word Alash was famous in Kazakh culture, Alash is a group of the Kazakhs. It means the name of the Autonomy can be used to tell it's Kazakh. The ruling party wanted autonomy to unite all Turkic people in Central Asia but the idea failed.