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"All your base are belong to us" (often shortened to "All Your Base", "AYBABTU", or simply "AYB") is a broken English phrase that began an internet phenomenon in 2001 and 2002, with the use of a Flash animation. The phrase is taken from the first part of a European Sega Mega Drive version of the video game Zero Wing,[1] made in Japan by Toaplan. The words in the game were translated into English so quickly that they did not make very much sense. The words "All your base are belong to us" were at first popular on the Something Awful message forums.[2]

Words of the game[change | change source]

English text[change | change source]

In A.D. 2101
War was beginning.
Captain says: What happen ?
Mechanic says: Somebody set up us the bomb.
Operator says: We get signal.
Captain says: What !
Operator says: Main screen turn on.
Captain says: It's you !!
CATS says: How are you gentlemen !!
CATS says: All your base are belong to us.
CATS says: You are on the way to destruction.
Captain says: What you say !!
CATS says: You have no chance to survive make your time.
CATS says: Ha ha ha ha ....
Operator says: Captain !! *
Captain says: Take off every 'ZIG'!!
Captain says: You know what you doing.
Captain says: Move 'ZIG'.
Captain says: For great justice.

Japanese text[change | change source]

In the Japanese text, "CATS" seems to be the name of an organization, not just of the character on the screen.[1]

艦長:一体どうしたと言んだ [sic]!

Notable media references[change | change source]

The phrase on U.S. Route 50 in Nevada

The phrase and similar phrases from the game has been shown in articles, books, comics, clothing, movies, radio shows, songs, television shows, video games, webcomics, and websites.

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