Big Horn County, Wyoming

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Big Horn County is a county in Northern Wyoming. The county seat is Basin. The largest city is Lovell.

Cities in Big Horn County[change | change source]

Byron[change | change source]

At the 2000 census, 557 people lived in Byron. The mayor is Milton Meier.

In high school, students go to Rocky Mountain High School in Byron. Middle School students go to Rocky Mountain Middle School in Deaver and elementary school students attend Rocky Mountain Elementary School in Cowley.

The town has an area of 0.9 mi². 0.1 mi² of it (5.62%) is water.

Burlington[change | change source]

Burlington had 250 people living in it at the 2000 census.

The town has an area of 1.0 mi². This area is all land.

Children from Burlington go to Burlington High School, Burlington Junior High and Burlington Elementary.

Cowley[change | change source]


Basin[change | change source]

Basin is near the Big Horn river. It had 1,239 people living in it at the 2000 census.

The town has an area of 2.0 mi². 0.04 mi² of it (1.47%) is water.

Otto[change | change source]

Otto was named after Otto Franc.

Lovell[change | change source]

Lovell is the biggest town in the county. It is near the Shoshone river. It has an area of 1.1 mi². All of this area is land. At the 2000 census, it had 2,281 people living in it.

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