Brisbane City Council

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Brisbane City Council
31st Council
Coat of arms or logo
Founded1924; 100 years ago (1924)
Preceded byCity of Brisbane
City of South Brisbane
Deputy Mayor
Krista Adams, Liberal National
Leader of the Opposition
Jared Cassidy, Labor
Chair of Council
David McLachlan, Liberal National
Seats27 elected representatives including Lord Mayor and 26 Ward Councillors
Political groups
  • Majority (20)
  •   Liberal National (20)
  • Opposition (7)
  •   Labor (5)
  •   Greens (1)
  •   Independent (1)
Length of term
4 years
SalaryA$164,156 (2021)[a]
Instant-runoff voting
First election
21 February 1925
Last election
28 March 2020
Next election
16 March 2024
Meliora Sequimur
Meeting place
Brisbane City Hall, King George Square, Brisbane

Brisbane City Council (BCC) is a local government authority for the City of Brisbane, a local government area (LGA) representing most of Brisbane and the largest LGA in Australia.

The Brisbane City Council acts a bit like a unicameral (single-chamber) parliament, similar to the Queensland Parliament or the two territory parliaments. It has 27 councillors, 26 of which are elected from one of the 26 wards of Brisbane, while the remaining one is the Lord Mayor, who is directly elected. Elections are held every four years.

Current composition[change | change source]

A map showing the wards of Brisbane.
Party totals[2]
Party Wards Lord Mayor
Liberal National 19 1
Labor 5
Greens 1
Independent 1
The current council is[2][3]
Ward Party Councillor
Lord Mayor LNP Adrian Schrinner
Bracken Ridge LNP Sandy Landers
Calamvale LNP Angela Owen
Central LNP Vicki Howard
Chandler LNP Ryan Murphy
Coorparoo LNP Fiona Cunningham
Deagon Labor Jared Cassidy
Doboy LNP Lisa Atwood
Enoggera LNP Andrew Wines
Forest Lake Labor Charles Strunk
Hamilton LNP David McLachlan
Holland Park LNP Krista Adams
Jamboree LNP Sarah Hutton
MacGregor LNP Steven Huang
Marchant LNP Fiona Hammond
McDowall LNP Tracy Davis
Moorooka Labor Steve Griffiths
Morningside Labor Lucy Collier
Northgate LNP Adam Allan
Paddington LNP Clare Jenkinson
Pullenvale LNP Greg Adermann
Runcorn LNP Kim Marx
Tennyson Independent Nicole Johnston
The Gabba Greens Trina Massey
The Gap LNP Steven Toomey
Walter Taylor LNP James Mackay
Wynnum Manly Labor Peter Cumming

Notes[change | change source]

  1. A city Councillor that does not hold the Mayoralty, Deputy Mayoralty, a Civic Cabinet Chair position, Chair of Council, or Leader of the Opposition positions has the base salary of A$164,156 excluding allowances.[1]

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