British Rail Class 165

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British Rail Class 165
Networker Turbo
GWR 165108 at Oxford in February 2020
In service10 September 1991 - present
Family nameNetworker
Refurbishment2003–2005 (165/0)
Number built39 (165/0)
37 (165/1)
Formation2–3 cars per trainset
Fleet numbers165001 - 165039, 165101 - 165137
Capacity165/0: 184 (2-car); 276 (3-car)
Operator(s)Chiltern Railways
Great Western Railway
Line(s) servedGreat Western Main Line and branches
Chiltern Main Line and branches
Car length22.91m
Maximum speed75 mph (165/0)
90 mph (165/1)
Prime mover(s)Perkins 2006-TWH of 350hp
Safety system(s)ATP (165/0), AWS, TPWS, Tripcock system (165/0)
Track gauge1435 mm (4 ft 8½ in)

The British Rail Class 165 "Network Turbo" diesel multiple units (DMUs) are diesel multiple unit that were built by BREL at York Works from 1990–1992 .[1] These units are suburban trains, with an express version appearing later in the form of the Class 166 "Network Express Turbo" units. The Class 165 belongs to the Networker families of trains.

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