British Rail Class 171

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British Rail Class 171 "Turbostar"
Southern Class 171/8, no. 171802 on display at the York Railfest exhibition on 3 June 2004.
In service2003 - Present
ManufacturerADtranz / Bombardier
Family nameTurbostar
Number built16 trainsets
Formation2/4 cars per trainset
Fleet numbers171721 - 171730, 171801 - 171806
Maximum speed100 mph
Prime mover(s)MTU 6R 183TD
Safety system(s)AWS, TPWS

The Class 171 "Turbostar" is a type of DMU operated by Southern. The Class 171 is identical to the Class 170, except for the replacement of the BSI coupler with a Dellner coupler. This provision was made in order to allow emergency joining with Class 377 DC third-rail electric units.