British Rail Class 377

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British Rail Class 377 "Electrostar"
Worthing Station 03.JPG
In service2002 - Current
ManufacturerBombardier Derby
Family nameElectrostar
Number built154 trainsets (excluding 28 375/3 conversions)
Formation3 cars per trainset (377/3 only)
4 cars per trainset (others)
Car length67 feet (20.4 m)
Width9 feet (2.8 m)
Height12½ feet (3.78 m)
Maximum speed100 mph (161 km/h)
Weight133.1 t (377/3 only)
173.6 t (others)
Power output2x373 = 746 kW kW (377/3 only)
3x373 = 1119 kW (others)
3x560 = 1680 kW (AC mode)
Electric system(s)750 V DC 3rd rail
25 kV AC Overhead (377/2 only)
Track gauge1,435 mm

The Class 377 Electrostars are electric multiple units built by Bombardier Transportation (previously ADtranz) at their Derby Works, from 2001-present. The Electrostar family, which also includes Classes 357, 375 and 376, is the most numerous type of EMU built in the post-privatisation period of Britain's railways.

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